Squadron 323
Queen of Hearts Charity Raffle

New Game Beginning March 25, 2023!

To comply with the 2022 State of Florida Gaming Laws, the Queen of Hearts Charity Raffle is now a 50/50 raffle.

50% of the proceeds for the raffle go to the players with the remaining 50% donated to a charity of choice by Squadron 323. A different charity will be chosen each month and will be conspicuously posted for all to see.

  • Per Florida Gaming Laws, winners that receive more than $599 in prize funds will receive an IRS Form 1099 at the end of the year.
  • Tickets are available for pre-sale Wednesday, Thursday & Friday during regular business hours. Tickets sold by the bartender will be subject to the bartender’s discretion.
  • Ticket Cost: 5 for $10
  • A maximum of $100 in tickets may be purchased by a single person at one time.
  • The Queen of Hearts Raffle is open to any member that is over 18 years of age in good standing of any Congressionally Chartered Veterans’ Organization, as well as members of the American Legion Family and the Canadian Legion Family, with a current membership card may participate in the Queen of Hearts. Active military personnel may also participate as long as they present their current military ID.

A complete listing of the rules can be found below. You may also click the download button (next to the Zoom controls) to download a copy of the rules.

Queen of hearts playing card
Queen of Hearts Drawing Saturday Nights at 7:15pm!